DIY librarian

What kind of a cool job title is Information Core Director? That's the position of the DIY librarian. []

Video Games Rule, Dude

Video Games Rule, Dude.  Teenage Boys to Hollywood: 'Drop dead, We Have Our DVDs. Who Needs to Find 'Nemo' Anyway?' “For decades, movie executives could count on adolescent boys — a key audience for summer fare — spending a large percentage of their waking hours at the local cineplex, fueling the box office for movies… Continue reading Video Games Rule, Dude


Boston has a new Archbishop!  Sean P. O'Malley O.F.M.Cap was installed today as the ninth Bishop (and sixth Archbishop) of Boston.


FixedPrice. Many people belive that you can't do a fixed price contract in an agile project. Since the whole point of an agile process is that you cannot predict the future, this isn't an unreasonable supposition. However this doesn't mean you can't come up with a fixed price agile contract, what it means is that… Continue reading FixedPrice

When Good QA Goes Bad

When Good QA Goes Bad. Adam Kalsey has a good write-up of some usability mistakes for an ecommerce site. Good stuff. His write-up reminds me of the time we were testing the very first Web site way back in 1998. The Quality Assurance department… [CamWorld: Thinking Outside the Box]

An interview with Jeffrey Veen

Digital Web Magazine: An interview with Jeffrey Veen. There are amazing things happening on the Web, and, interestingly enough, most businesses couldn't imagine living without it. We're spending an increasing amount of our time at Adaptive Path trying to understand the value of a quality user experience. [Tomalak's Realm]

Freelance TS

Freelance TS. Freelance TS: Grant Barrett has an excellent article here on setting up shop as a solo freelance technical support person. I think many of the arguments also apply to adding technical-service style options to other creative technical work… could be… [JD on MX]

Coursey on software growth

Coursey on software growth. Coursey on software growth: David Coursey at AnchorDesk writes “What Microsoft should do with all that cash”: “My suggestion: Start over. Yes, I think they should build a new operating system, as much from scratch as necessary to solve Windows's… [JD on MX]