A Linksys' True Colors

A Linksys' True Colors. Seattle Wireless tries to bring out a Linksys WRT54G's true nature: Linux!: As has been reported earlier, Linksys has made available a variety of the open-source code used underneath some of its hardware, as is required by the licenses they used. (Of course, one source told me not for attribution that Linksys has withheld critical parts of the whole, some of which could be construed as obligatory to also be released under the General Public License.) Rob Flickenger and Seattle Wireless are trying to use that information to modify the WRT54G, Linksys's 802.11b-based four-port Ethernet switch and wireless gateway, but have run up against a stumbling block that prevents the unit from running new code. They're appealing to Linksys to provide them those details, as that could make the WRT54G the de facto community box. [via Drew]… [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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