“Vanity Press” Takes on a Whole New Meaning

“Vanity Press” Takes on a Whole New MeaningCafePress: Publish Books for Free

  • “No setup fees or minimum quantities.
  • Black and white books with full color covers.
  • Choose Saddle Stitch or Wire-O binding options (Perfect Binding coming soon).
  • Choose from 5 book sizes.

Pricing includes book manufacturing, order management, fulfillment and customer service. You choose the retail price and earn the different between the retail price and our base price.

Pricing is based on the number of pages in your book plus the type of binding you wish to offer. Pricing is the same for all book sizes….

Please Note: Books are in Beta and can be setup but will not be available for sale until July 28, 2003.

Visit our Learning Center for information on how to setup your book!” [via Boing Boing Blog]

[The Shifted Librarian]

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