Taurus, a Wi-Fi Appliance

Taurus, a Wi-Fi Appliance. Procom introduces Taurus: storage, servers, and 600 feet of Wi-Fi: This emerging category of Wi-Fi network appliances grew today with the introduction of Taurus, which can be configured to hold up to 250 Gb of storage, and a laundry list of software servers. The software listed in specifications reads like an advertisement for open-source and free software, as the device features mail service of all kinds; SMB and AppleTalk filesharing; proxy Web serving; regular Web serving; FTP and MySQL/PostgreSQL; and a host of other items, all running on a Linux kernel. I almost forgot: it has a robust omnidirectional antenna that the company claims offers a 600-foot radius (not diameter), and the device is Wi-Fi certified. The only gotcha: it's got a $1,700 price tag for the base configuration. Still, if it has ease of use of administration, this one integated box could replace several devices and lots of setup for a small organization that needs these services. If they added a VPN server (not just “support” for VPNs, which means passthrough), this device could be a category killer…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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