Synchronizing RSS Subscriptions Lists

Synchronizing RSS Subscriptions Lists.

I haven't tried it out yet, but BlogLines is a free, server-based news aggregator for those that want to be able to access their news from any web browser. Beware that these types of services often bog down once they become popular, but they're good for folks experimenting with aggregators or for when you're away from home.

Some of BlogLines features:

  • “Two-pane interface for easy viewing
  • Grouping of subscriptions in folders
  • Expandable outline of subscriptions
  • RSS auto discovery of feeds
  • Notification window tells you when blogs you're subscribed to have been updated
  • Bookmark function lets you bookmark entries “

Blog authors can also add a BlogLines icon to make it easier for their readers to one-click subscribe to their sites in BL. [via the Aggregators Yahoo Group]

It's also worth noting that Dave Winer and others are working on Subscriptions Harmonizers that will synchronize the list of feeds you read across multiple computers and platforms. This is a great step forward, although personally I find it more important to access my aggregator remotely in order to read and delete posts more efficiently. Bill Kearney points out that Syndic8 has offered this service for some time, so if this feature is important for you, make sure you take advantage of it!  [The Shifted Librarian]

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