Ray Ozzie on “Extreme Mobility”

Ray Ozzie on “Extreme Mobility”. Great essay by Ray Ozzie on Extreme Mobility, on the broad effects of Laptops/pdas/tablets, phones-as-devices, Wifi, and GPRS, and where its taking us:

If technology, molded into any of a variety of forms, can ultimately give us continuous awareness of the geo-location, activity, interruptability, and even potentially “state of mind” of those with whom we wish to “be close to”, what will it do to the nature of the nuclear family unit? The local community? The collaborative work team?

If technology, molded into forms such that teams of individuals can virtually and dynamically assemble into highly productive organizational units, what will ultimately happen to the large-scale enterprise? In what industries will the mega-corporation continue to exist as a large scale employer, versus being more-or-less an aggregator and connector of highly productive smaller companies?

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