Massport Hunts for Logan Contractor

Massport Hunts for Logan Contractor. Massachusetts port authority Massport expects $2.5M to unwire Logan International AirPort: Although the article focuses on Wi-Fi, it's almost certain that the “other wireless” is cellular. As Dick Snyder of Concourse Communications noted when speaking on the panel on airports I moderated at 802.11 Planet, port authorities need the whole package handled by a contractor. The $2.5 million cost estimate might seem high, but it's not very given the square footage and nature of the contract; carpet replacement probably costs more than that a five-year cycle. Most port authorities require union contractors on all jobs, and the costs of security are now much higher, too. Wiring low-voltage Ethernet now requires an electrical contractor in many states. A job like Logan would involve network technicians, electricians, and the trades needed to open up the walls (in places) to put equipment in place. The Logan contract is a vendor-neutral contact, but also serves the airlines' needs: the proposal involves making the system available to commercial wireless providers and airlines. This means building a logical infrastructure for VLANs, 802.1x, and so forth. The cost may sound high, but the reality of all public-venue hot spots from now on is that there isn't just the end-user on a laptop: there are many constituencies in every location for which the network becomes a tool. [via David Weinberger/JOHO]… [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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