One thing I always wanted to do is to pull together experts in combination with an online advertising agency to build an About.com on the cheap using weblogs.  I think I have the advertising agency that would pay the bills.  Would any be interested in doing this? It would be pure collaborative revenue share and I think lots of fun.

I did some more looking into this.  I think I could deliver $10 to $300 a day to weblog experts/authors, depending on area of specialization/popularity/etc., via the system I mentioned below.  There are also ways to jump this to a full time job for some area experts ($500 to $1000 a day).  I am going to spend much of the next week working on getting this going.  BTW:  I do have experience doing this.  At my last company (Gomez), I was able to generate $500 k in profit a quarter in less than a year with a site/system focused on solely online brokerages (done with only seven people).  The major difference with this is that my partners (the expert authors) will be getting the benefits of the network and not a VC.  Please click the e-mail link to the right or post a comment if you are interested in working on this.     [John Robb's Weblog]

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