Slashdot | The Sentient Office Is Coming

  • Slashdot | The Sentient Office Is Coming.

    Roland Piquepaille writes “In this article, the Economist explains that “sentient computing systems are likely to be everywhere within five years — listening and watching, and ready to anticipate their users' every need.” “By adding sensors to today's computing and communications technology, sentient computing seeks to take account of a machine's environment in order to make it more responsive and useful. Sentient computing systems are always on, ubiquitously available, and can adapt to their users. In short, they seek to become real help-mates.” ACM TechNews also wrote an analysis of sentient computing: “Challenges to sentient computing include the seamless integration of wireless networks, the spread of sensors throughout products and the environment, the accurate provision of location data, and the ability of sentient systems to merge vast volumes of widely disseminated data and customize its delivery for users. Other problems researchers will have to tackle include scalability, the development of cooperative file systems, and sentient applications' ability to find screens and network devices in close proximity to users.” And of course, there are privacy concerns… (ed. emphasis added) Check this summary for additional details.”  [Privacy Digest]

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