WWDC and WebKit

WWDC and WebKit. One of the reasons I’ve been looking forward to WWDC is to learn about WebKit. There’s a session on using WebKit in Cocoa apps, and that’s the one session I absolutely can’t miss.

NetNewsWire needs WebKit. It keeps asking me for it, and I have to say: sorry, not yet. Soon. (Imagine how cool the Combined View will be with WebKit.)

Anyway… while the rest of the Mac universe is looking at leaked G5 machine specs and things like that, I’m fixated on WebKit.

My guess is that WebKit will result in a bunch of new apps from lots of different developers. Having an easy-to-embed HTML renderer that comes with the system is a good thing for developers. It opens up lots of possibilities.

Of course, I expect there will be lots of experimental apps as a result of WebKit. Not everything will be good; not every idea will stick. But I bet there will be some gems. [inessential.com]

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