ReplayTVs Regress But Still Rock!

ReplayTVs Regress But Still Rock!.

ReplayTV Puts Ad Skipping on Pause

“The company said its upcoming ReplayTV 5500 boxes, which are expected to be released in August, will not contain the Send Show and Automatic Commercial Advance tools as the company tries to 'address the concerns of copyright holders….'

A representative for ReplayTV's new owner said the company made a business decision not to offer the disputed features in future products after reviewing the matter, but current models will still have them.

The company also said it will maintain offerings such as QuickSkip, which lets people fast-forward through programs in 30-second increments. In the future, it hopes to let consumers use their ReplayTV units to send non-copyrighted materials, such as home videos, across the Internet to other ReplayTV units and computers.” [CNET]

Whoo-hoo, I get to keep my features! Run out and by one now!

Actually, as long as I get to keep my QuickSkip button, I'm happy. I could live without the automatic commercial skipping, although it is amazing how quickly you get used to no commercials. In fact, just yesterday Kailee was watching a show on Animal Planet and I was surprised to see commercials on the screen. I said, “Kay, fast-forward through the commercials.” “It's live,” she groaned. I was actually shocked to find her watching live TV in our family room. It's positively unheard of these days. When Replay records a show overnight, it tunes the TV to that channel, so my guess is that she got caught up in the live show when she turned on the TV to watch Replay.

I'll have a black market winner here, baby! Maybe I'll be able to finance the kids' college education with it!  [The Shifted Librarian]

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