Free Broadband at Wyndham

Free Broadband at Wyndham. My tip of the year: sign up for this free Wyndham program and get free broadband: I'm working on an article involving hotels and other hot spots, and spoke to the VP of catering and meeting services at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts yesterday. He confirmed that Wyndham's affinity program, Wyndham By Request, includes free broadband wireless and Wi-Fi Internet in rooms and common areas where that's available (which is a majority of their properties). The program also eliminates (in most cases) those irritating phone charges, like local and 800 number charges for placing calls. There's some promotion now that includes free long distance if you stay at least one night before June 30 after signing up. With all other prices being equal, and I assume that Wyndham's room rates are comparable to other properties in the same areas at the same level of quality, this removal of nickeling-and-diming plus free broadband could be a winning strategy for guests and the company alike…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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