Six Apart builds a semantic blogging tool

Six Apart builds a semantic blogging tool.  Web Standards.

One of the ideas we've quietly promoted for a few years is that web standards aren't just an esoteric technical initiative, but can be part of a smart way of doing business on the Internet. To that end, we wanted to give a little technical information in an interview on A List Apart, called A Standards-Compliant Publishing Tool for the Rest of Us? The interview talks about how we're trying to make it possible for even an amateur to make pages that are semantically valid.

TypePad is aimed at users who are more interested in sharing ideas than talking technology, so we've been holding off on talking about the behind-the-scenes tech used to make the tool. But those of you who are into advocating standards compliance will be interested to find out about how we're not just using web standards for the output of the service, but for building TypePad itself.  [Six Log]

Cool.  I can't wait to get the details of TypePad.  FOAF, RDF, RSS Weblog APIs, Meta this, meta that.

I just ran into Mena here athe Planetwork Conference.  She brought up some really cool things which I promised I wouldn't blog – yet.  But TypePad is gonna be cool.  And all it's advancements should flow back to Moveable Type – too!  [Marc's Voice]

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