If You Don't Know These Rules, Then You're Already Fired

If You Don't Know These Rules, Then You're Already Fired. Insurer writes about sane WLAN policy guidelines: However, his several suggestions are so basic to enterprise WLAN security, that any IT professional who has deployed any part of a WLAN without adhering to these guidelines shouldn't have a job much longer. Actually, the first of his points speaks to this: Obtain senior management commitment to WLAN security. If senior management wants a WLAN (or has delegated those issues) and won't back it with security or a budget, and you're in an institution that has responsibilites under the laws the author cites, you might want a new job. HIPAA, for instance, dictates fines and jail time for individuals involved in releasing health care information that's not supposed to be released — even if it's not malicious or intentional…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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