802.11g's Low Throughput: No Surprise

802.11g's Low Throughput: No Surprise. ComputerWorld notes that 802.11g will have 10 to 20 Mbps throughput, not 54 Mbps, but…: This has been known all along. The 54 Mbps rate is the raw symbol rate, or the number of symbols per second including all framing, error correction, etc. The net throughput rate of 10 to 20 Mbps (or higher) erases all the stuff you need to carry data and looks at the payload. The IEEE has already talked about how, in future standards, they might be able to bring the throughput up closer to the raw symbol rate. This story is pretty close to on target, but should have described the differences between throughput and raw data. Manufacturers have been saying up to five times faster, and I've been saying: yeah, if you get 4 Mbps out of 802.11b (a real-world figure for a network with multiple users) and 20 Mbps out of 802.11g (an idealized figure for a non-mixed b/g network with a single user)…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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