An expert film critic's review of the Matrix Reloaded

An expert film critic's review of the Matrix Reloaded. I'm a bush league amateur when it comes to film critique.  Adam Gopnik's explantion of flaws in the Matrix Reloaded nails it:

“Matrix Reloaded” is, unlike the first film, a conventional comic-book movie, in places a campy conventional comic-book movie, and in places a ludicrously campy conventional comic-book movie. It feels not so much like “Matrix II” as like “Matrix XIV”—a franchise film made after a decade of increasing grosses and thinning material. The thing that made the Matrix so creepy—the idea of a sleeping human population with a secondary life in a simulated world—is barely referred to in the new movie; in fact, if you hadn’t seen the first film, not just the action but the basic premise would be pretty much unintelligible.”

Here's his description of Zion:

“Like every good-guy citadel in every science-fiction movie ever made, Zion is peopled by stern-jawed uniformed men who say things like “And what if you’re wrong, God damn it, what then?” and “Are you doubting my command, Captain?” and by short-haired and surprisingly powerful women whose eyes moisten but don’t overflow as they watch the men prepare to go off to war.”

The Matrix Reloaded is now teeming with villans:

“The Matrix, far from being a rigorously imposed program, turns out to be as porous as good old-fashioned reality, letting in all kinds of James Bond villains. (They are explained as defunct programs that refused to die, but they seem more like character ideas that refused to be edited.)”

The painful scene with Merovingian, the over-the-top francophile:

“the Merovingian … announces that 'choice is an illusion created between zose wis power and zose wisout' as he constructs a virtual dessert with which he inflames the passion of a virtual woman. The stunning Monica Bellucci appears as his wife, who sells out his secrets in exchange for a remarkably chaste kiss from Neo, while Trinity looks on, smoldering like Betty in an “Archie” comic.

Go read the whole review because the best part is his analysis of why the first movie was so wonderful and intriguing.  I think I'm going to go watch it again after reading his review, and hopefully erase some of the awful memories from the new movie.  [Ernie the Attorney]

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