Here's some base case, first level of functionality set of goals for a ThreadsML deployment.

Broadband Mechanics will contribute our on-line outliner – WebOutliner – while Steve Yost is working on making QuickTopic compatible.  Like the process that Matt and Paolo followed with ENT and K-collector – we're hoping to put together a critical mass set of tools, data structure and protocols – that wil show how a ThreadsML standard could be utilized throughout the world.

Come follow along – as we journey into the world of meta-data, parentage and persistent object models.  And let's not forget about repositories and discoverability!

Here's the process that Matt and Paolo went through:

1) First they perceived a need and saw in RSS2.0's namespaces a place where they could add their value added

2) Secondly they worked on a spec for ENT – taking into account working with the RSS1.0 camp and came up with this simple idea of clouds and topicrolls – being the source' of the info/data.

3) They then announced ENT – in an abstract sense – and put it out there for developers to use – without any other details.

4) Phil Pearson and Andre Restivo picked up on it – creating sources for ENT enabled RSS feeds (besides the homegrown ones by Matt and Paolo.)

5) Matt then updated his LiveTopics tool to support ENT and Paolo showed k-collector – a new kind of aggregator.

6) Now Paolo is hoping to get WWWW working for BlogTalk.

This all – start to finish happened in less than 3 months.

So we can do that too – for ThreadsML!

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