So Much Religion

So Much Religion.  An early review of the Longhorn UI, and all three comments are from Mac advocates saying “OS X already does this!”.  Obviously they haven't seen the product.  Just wait until they actually see Longhorn UI, and their jaws drop permanently agape.  Longhorn UI is the coolest freekin' thing to happen to Windows UI since Windows 3.0, and it will inspire you. 

The demos are cool, but they merely demonstrate the raw power available to the UI.  The work being done to rethink the shell to take advantage of this raw power is what's coolest.  Longhorn is going to change the rules of the game for GUI access to code and data, and I think it's going to be remarkably soon after the first Longhorn GUI betas that today's GUIs start to look old and clumsy.  [Better Living Through Software]

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