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Matt update….. More about k-collector.

A little bit of background about the k-collector client.

k-collector client for Radio Userland is really a totally stripped down version of liveTopics.  Out go tables of contents, local databases of topics, lots of macros, XFML, XTM and a raft of other stuff i'm like.

What you end up with is a simple client designed to bootstrap itself from an online cloud of topics.  For an example of such a cloud is here.  Topics created on the local system are exported via the RSS feed using ENT and from there appear on the k-collector server.  Each k-collector client regularly polls the cloud looking for new topics and makes them available locally.

It's a nice, simple, dynamic system for publishing using shared topics.

What k-collector doesn't have most people probably won't miss (especially if they are using a k-collector server) and as a result k-collector is much smaller, lighter and more stable than liveTopics.  liveTopics is a complicated application and the combination of Radio & Usertalk don't really support complexity very well.  k-collector should suffer from far less problems than it's bigger counterpart.

More later. [Curiouser and curiouser!]

K-Colector is a new kind of aggregator that supports ENT.  It is a model for all sorts of new kinds of aggregators – which can act as debuggers in the early stages in the development process of new standards.  [Marc's Voice]

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