We Do Plenty

We Do PlentyThis post from the blog Just What Does a Librarian Do? illustrates why I think libraries should give blogs a try. They really do help you add content, rather than forcing you to focus on the process of adding content (which is usually such a barrier).

“I quickly added two links to the weblog I maintain for the school to which I am liaison. I like the weblog because it allows me to push out all the wonderful new resources I hear about that I wouldn't otherwise be able to be adding to resource guides. There's just too much. So far it doesn't seem like that many people actually read the weblog, though plenty of folks are aware of it and are excited about the idea. The links I added today came to me via the Internet Scout Report and BoingBoing. I did some quick research looking into RSS feeds, something for the future. I also realized that if I add a google search to the weblog it will become an effective research tool, for me at least. So when patron questions come up, I could do a quick search of the weblog to see if I had ever posted any relevant resources there. Good idea.”

[The Shifted Librarian]

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