Computerized voting killing democracy in the US

Computerized voting killing democracy in the US. Glitch Wins by a Landslide, in CounterPunch:

Computerized voting machines in the 2002 election did all kinds of weird things: if you pressed the Democrat's name in some counties in Texas, for example, the Republican's name was chosen. And in Cormal County, Texas, three Republican candidates won by exactly 18,181 votes apiece. There's the kind of coincidence the FBI loves. But it gets even more amazing: in two other races elsewhere in this great nation, Republicans won by -wait for it – 18,181 votes. The odds of this are similar to the odds of waking up on the surface of Mars with your underwear on your head and a bowling trophy gripped between your knees. These results were eventually 'adjusted', proving it was all just a wacky coincidence. But how can we know? Because there is no physical evidence of how a vote was cast. No punch card, no paper ballot, no twig with notches in it.

Lots more at Black Box Voting. This is worth getting angry about. The only way to get my country back is to vote the unpatriotic fascists out of office, and they're going to try to prevent me from doing that.  The prospect of computerized voting should be terrifying to anybody with experience in the computer industry. [Ceejbot]

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