Martians Land a Bigger Craft

Martians Land a Bigger Craft. Martian Technologies add 120 Gb, kit version of Wi-Fi hard drive: The folks at Martian have landed two models. As with their 40 Gb unit ($399), the 120 Gb model ($479) and the kit ($379) offers network-attached storage through Wi-Fi and/or a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port. The kit version lets you add your own hard drive and includes a CD with the network operating system software needed. The drive also includes a USB port for “future expansion”; their first upgrade for this port added USB printer sharing. What I'd like to see in a future Martian unit is the addition of FTP (secure and non-secure) and WebDAV (ditto); they already have SMB and are working on AppleShare. Another nice idea would be something the Linksys EFG80 offers: per-user and per-group quotas. It's especially useful for an office, even though file-server space isn't as limited as it used to be. … [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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