Sputnik ships!

Sputnik ships!. Orbit achievedSputnik has come out with its first hardware product: The AP 120 wireless access point. It's an enterprise thingie with auto-configuration (plug one into your LAN, it figures out where to get control commands, puts up a dynamic firewall, and immediately becomes a smart but unobtrusive member of the corporate hive — all while putting out a nice little wi-fi signal). Dave Sifry (Sputnik co-founder and main tech guy) tells me the $185 price gets you the equivalent of a Cisco number selling for $800 or so. Sputnik is selling it even more cheaply to OEMs and giving away the firmware for free. I'm sure a market will follow.  [The Doc Searls Weblog]

Congratulations to Dave Sifry and Sputnik.  The Sputnik 120 lets you know who is on your network and how much they use it.

I only wish I had a large corporation to license it, but maybe they'll be some smart card vendor who'll bundle it with their wireless cards – as a value added proposition.  Or even one of those wireless hard drives or AV devices.  They need security too!  [Marc's Voice]

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