The public record

The public record. Last week Dave Winer reported [1, 2] that the New York Times' Web archive had disappeared behind a “for-pay firewall.” Today, he reports that it's back:

Bravo. In a world where such victories are few and far between, this one is truly worth savoring. Thanks to the Times for supporting the Web. [DaveNet]

My thanks as well, to Dave for making the call and to the Times for responding. Like Dave, I believe that stewardship of Web namespace is an almost sacred responsibility. Every hyperlink is an act of faith; the two-way Web is just a consensual hallucination made of many such acts. Like other illusions, for example the economy, this one can take a licking and keep on ticking — up to a point. But consumer confidence in the link economy is tied to the expectation that a URL offered today will be a URL honored tomorrow, next year, or next decade. We thwart that expectation at our peril — though I wonder for how much longer we will have the option to do so. [Jon's Radio]

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