ReplayTVs Future?

ReplayTVs Future?.  A couple of readers have sent me links to news about SonicBlue's decision to declare bankruptcy and sell off the ReplayTV division. I had seen some of the articles but didn't have a chance to read them thoroughly until tonight. As the articles note, this is disturbing but not unexpected; after all, if you were paying $1 million a month in legal fees, you'd go broke pretty quickly, too.

However, I'm still not that upset by this, in part because SonicBlue bought ReplayTV in the first place. CNET is playing both sides of the story, announcing DVRs Set for a Bright Future, which is pretty much how I feel. It's a shame the DVR makers can't get the price of these boxes down to something more reasonable. Then everyone would echo FCC Chairman Michael Powell's statement that they are “God's machine.”

So I'm still optimistic, and we still love our Replays. In fact, I spent part of my weekend trying to get our newest one on the wireless network and downloading the Photo Viewer software. I've got the Linksys WET11 Bridge working, but the Replay won't grab an IP address. When I have time, I'll call SonicBlue, but I'd appreciate any advice from folks that have done this before (I tried the advice at PlanetReplay but no go).  [The Shifted Librarian]

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