Toshiba vs. Cometa for WiFi Uber Operator

Toshiba vs. Cometa for WiFi Uber Operator. Toshiba Ships Hotspot Hardware

News item about Toshiba getting ready to ship their “hotspot in a box” offering.  Great quote from their general manager:
“Think of us as being like Cometa,” says Marston, “but cheaper and with a six month lead on them.”
Could be that this kind of agile product marketing and distribution could work.  Highlights:
  • $200 wholesale for integrated box
  • Works with DSL and dynamic IPs
  • Fully integrated with Toshiba NOC for management/adming/billing
  • Accenture is building and servicing the NOC center
  • Part of iPass WiFi roaming network

What they need are some large integrators, operators and resellers to land them in some significant retail locations/channels to get the kind of critical mass they claim they will have (10,000 hotspots by years end).  [Jeremy Allaire's Radio]

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