Another ReplayTV Convert

Another ReplayTV Convert.

Well, I'm certainly doing my part to maintain SonicBlue's bottom line. Bryce Yehl just bought a ReplayTV 5040 and it's already having an effect on him:

“In spite of the fact that I'm already used to watching my favorites shows on my own schedule, I do see my viewing habits changing. It's that Magic Pause Button. I like it. A lot.”

Even better, he's pointed me to ReplayPC and QVision, two utilities for extracting shows from newer Replays to your PC. I've ordered a Linksys WET11 Bridge so when it gets here, I'll have to try these out. I figure I should be able to pull a couple of shows off the new Replay, convert their formats, and load them on my Archos Multimedia Jukebox to go. Then when we go on vacation, I can take music and video with us!  [The Shifted Librarian]

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