How do you know who you know?

How do you know who you know?. Knowledge Management, or KM as it is often called, seeks to address the problem of managing knowledge in an organization.  There is a lot of knowledge inside the heads and documents of people that work in an organizations. The question is how to tap into that knowledge.

Similarly, there is a lot of information about people in corporations too, like who people know and how they know them (and remember sometimes it's not what you know but who you know).  Obviously companies need to know what they know and who they know.  And that's where Client Relationship Management software (CRM) comes in.  Rick Klau knows a lot about CRM because he works for a company that sells CRM software to attorneys.  Rick has a great post called Six Degrees of … Warren Buffett? It's a good read if you care about “people knowledge.”  [Ernie the Attorney]

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