Ingo Rammer

Wow, when I was talking with Ingo Rammer last week I never expected him to run out and buy a Tablet (I don't recommend the Compaq one, by the way, because its digitizer isn't pressure sensitive and I believe that's a HUGE disadvantage). Taking off my NEC hat, I would have gone with the Toshiba, or the Motion tablet if I couldn't have gotten the NEC. But, maybe those aren't available in Australia yet either (Tablets are VERY hard to find — demand has been way outstripping supply for almost all models).

Anyway, he says he still likes his paper pad better for some things.

Well, when you can email me your paper notes, let me know.

When you get 10 paper pads' worth of notes, let me know if you can find the notes from that meeting that happened two years ago? (If your notes were in journal, you'd be able to search them, because when you write in Journal, it also converts your handwriting to text — this happens on the fly “underneath” the ink). Ingo: try it, use the “find” feature in Journal. It's pretty amazing.

Also, what happens if you write four points on a piece of paper, and then you want to insert a new point between #2 and #3? With the Tablet, you can instantly make some space. With a pad of paper, you write really really small, or draw an arrow in, which makes your notes messy and harder to understand.

Oh, and Ingo, if you think Journal is cool, wait until you see OneNote. OneNote takes Journal (which is just like a pad of paper) and turns everything you write into an outline. Draw four bullet points, and OneNote converts them to wedges that you can drag around (Dave Winer eat your heart out!)

Even better, with OneNote you can record audio from a meeting and then as you write, it'll put an audio icon next to each outline point. Whoa. Now you can instantly play back the audio from any point of a meeting.

This is really going to freak out journalists. It will instantly be my first tool of choice for doing meetings and interviews.

Oh, and OneNote works just fine with non-Tablet computers as well (you can type into it, or write with a pen). Read more about OneNote here.

This is the first really innovative software I've seen from Microsoft in years. It's going to change how we all participate in and record meetings.  [The Scobleizer Weblog]

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