Macromedia site revised: The Macromedia site has had a significant upgrade, moving more towards an interractive application than a set of static documents. There's still some news to come over the next week (the Designer & Developer Center has evolved into Macromedia DevNet, for instance), and we'll definitely be in shakedown mode on the new site for a bit, but please do check it out and use the feedback form to let the web team know how it's going for you. DevNet also has a new set of articles on specific features of the site (not all are immediately visible!), and additional specific info is in the pipeline. Please do test it out over the next week and help us refine it further, thanks!
Update: Sorry, I got my release dates wrong… last night we were just running some load tests on the new site, but the new version isn't in final release yet and today you'll see the familiar version of the site. Those of you who got a sneak peek of the next rev will know what I'm talking about here, but if you didn't catch the site during its public testing then hang tight, we've got some good stuff for you soon… 😉 [JD on MX]

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