Blawgistan Times

Law Blogs with useful information – I can't help noticing how much legal information is now freely available because of blogs.  The Blawgistan Times is a neatly presented compendium of information gathered from several different law blogs.  InterAlia has a steady stream of useful information for lawyers (RSS feed available).  Internet Tools For Lawyers is another great source (w/ RSS feed), and several categories: Legal Blogging, News, Legal Research, Factual Research, Internet Law, Ethics, Productivity, Security, eLawyering, New New Economy, and Blogging 101 (all with RSS feeds).

BeSpacific, run by Sabrina Pacifici, also is a must-read if you want to keep up with legal information (RSS feed).  KiMformation is new to the game, but brings the perspective of a paralegal interested in how to use technology in a litigation practice (RSS feed).  There are others, but you get the idea.  I think that blogs are making this happen, and I expect that by the end of the year we'll have about 10 blogs that provide legal information.  Hell, there is now one for Louisiana, with an RSS feed.  [Ernie the Attorney]

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