L.M. Orchard commits filesystem sacrilege

L.M. Orchard commits filesystem sacrilege. Here's Leslie Michael Orchard's heretical idea:

I'll be burned at the next stake over from Charles when the time comes, for this filesystem heresy. Just the other night, a co-worker was asking me about how diligent I was in organizing my email. I told her, “Not at all. I leave it all in one pile and then run the Find command on it later.” She was shocked that I, alpha geek and info freako, didn't have some intricate taxonomy of folders into which mail was sorted by carefully crafted filters…

Here's what I want to see: Storage without explicit organization, but with super-rich metadata for super-fast searches. Allow me to create views made from persistent searches – my “project folder” is simply a collection of resources tied together by a common tag, one of many. And, if I want to form a project hierarchy, make my persistent searches into file objects too. The main thing in all this, though, is that it be woven very deeply within the OS. I don't want a helper app. I want this to replace the standard metaphor completely. [0xDECAFBAD]

Reserve me a stake next to Leslie's. Meanwhile, of course, helper apps are what we have. Here are two that Leslie relies on: [Jon's Radio]

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