Spreading MP3 Goodness Throughout the House

Spreading MP3 Goodness Throughout the House.

Trial – MP3Mystic 1.07b19

“MP3Mystic is an easy to use web server for MP3 file sharing (or other file types) and streaming. It takes a given directory path on your PC and creates/serves a web page that lists all the files as well as a “download” and “listen” link. It offers additional features like IP address restrictions, file types and an option for visitors to upload files. This is the base version and it is free. An optional advanced version can be purchased which offers additional features for more advanced users (customization, more streams, multiple paths, etc..). The program is very easy to use and setup and requires basically no technical knowledge. Like any server, it will work best with a static IP address.” [WebAttack.com latest software]

I may dig out my old Packard Bell with its 2GB hard drive, upgrade the OS so it can join my home network, and make it an MP3 server. In case any RIAA lawyers are reading this, it won't be available to the outside world, it would be for personal use only, and I promise to put noise-cancelling headphones on any non-family members that enter the house so that they can't listen to music playing from it (thereby infringing upon your precious copyrights).  [The Shifted Librarian]

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