80211b News

My 2003 predictions: The Wi-Fi Alliance fast tracks inclusion of 802.11g and possibly 802.11i into the Wi-Fi certification program to avoid consumer confusion. 802.11g equipment becomes the minimum standard by summer, even in draft form. Apple ships AirPort 3.0 by summer incorporating 802.11a and g standards. US hot spot count tops 25,000 by year's end, including 25 of the top 35 metro airports. PC Cards offer GSM and 802.11a/g roaming on a single bill from cell operators by year's end. Equipment prices continue to fall, with a $35 PC Card for 802.11g being a typical price before 2004. More extensive certified antenna options become a standard part of consumer Wi-Fi gear. Limited in-plane Wi-Fi will be approved by the FCC in combination with one or more in-flight data services.  [80211b News]

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