Derek on Travel

Derek on Travel. Derek says to the airline industry: “I quit. I'm not playing these games. You will get me on your planes only when my career requires it and when they pay for it. So long as I have to submit to Orwellian procedures and give up basically any human rights I thought I had in order to board your aircraft, you will not see a shiny dime from my wallet.”

Yeah, it's pretty stupid at this point. I can't count the number of times I've been search, scanned, or otherwise interrupted by airport “security” people. WTF? When's the last time an American smashed a domestic flight into a tall building? I've never even been to the middle east.

Please explain to me why a dozen Saudi citizens have the power to make me a suspect in my own country.

Damn, our government can be so stupid. I truely hope that someone worth electing, someone who wants to change things in a less stupid way will run for office. She'll have my vote.  [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

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