Also, why can't e-mail have a shortcuts feature (like Radio) or Activewords?  To include some contact info for a person, I should be able to type their name in double quotes and have it show up.  If I have a “canned” statement I would like to be able to type the name of that statement in double quotes and have it show up.  The cool part about this is that it could be either text or pre-formatted HTML.  If double quotes don't work for you, change it to something else like a + sign or a curly brace {.  I should be able to include the OPML file of a thread of interaction with a person as an attachment by simply typing “John Robb outline” in the body of the message (the file could then be dragged into the outline of the recipient's e-mail system if they have the capability and want to save it. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

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