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Fetch Book. – “FetchBook.Info is a free service aimed to provide the best shopping tools for book buyers. FetchBook.Info is completely independent, and does not contain any promotional material or ads. We do not prefer any bookseller for any reason, and therefore we're totally objective.”

“Every book price comparison is done in real time, checking dozens of bookstores to find the lowest price available for the titles you intend to buy. You can then compare the total book cost (including the shipping costs to your destination), availability and delivery times, to find the deal that's best for you. The result link you directly to the book page at the book seller's site, where you can easily order the book.” (via BUBL LINK Updates)

LS ThoughtsThis site has a Google feel to it. I tried a search and received 18 comparison prices. Not too bad. [Library Stuff]

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