Harrow Technology Report

Wow.  I have the quote of the week on the Harrow Technology Report.  If you haven't subscribed to this yet, you should.  It is one of the gems of the NET (it also includes audio versions).  Sample quote: Serious “competitive advantage” could easily overcome peoples' reluctance to accept even invasive “accessories.”  Consider how, on a less personally-invasive note, the telephone was initially received in British society in 1876:  Sir William Preece, Chief Engineer of the British Post Office, said,

“The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not.

We have plenty of messenger boys.”

He simply couldn't imagine how anything could, or would need to, replace the gaggle of messenger boys that kept information flowing between British businesses.  Of course, the moment that the second British business installed a telephone, the die was cast.

[John Robb's Radio Weblog]

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