Exchanging Exchange

Exchanging ExchangeMicrosoft to detail new Exchange, Outlook

The new version of Exchange, which handles e-mail, calendars and contact lists, will be released in mid-2003. It is the company's first major update to the product since releasing Exchange 2000 nearly two years ago. In the $1.6 billion e-mail and messaging market, Microsoft ranks first in the number of users, but trails IBM in revenue. Other rivals include Novell and newcomer Oracle.

On Tuesday, Flessner will announce plans to spruce up the stripped-down Web-based version of the Outlook e-mail program, adding new features to make it as comprehensive as the regular PC version, according to the company.

The new Web version will include a spell checker and the ability to create and manage “tasks” or to-do lists, said Chris Baker, a Microsoft group product manager. Previously, people could view their tasks but couldn't change them. People will also be able to create “rules” that automatically directs e-mail to specific inbox folders, he said….

Earlier this summer, Microsoft executives disclosed that the new version of Exchange, developed under the code-name Titanium, will feature more security and improved support for cell phones and other handheld devices.” [CNET News.com]

I'm posting this one for the rest of the SLS crew, especially Pamela. I will heartily welcome any improvements in the web-based version of Outlook. At work, we combined all of our email into Exchange during the big LAN migration of 2002, and I am extremely disappointed in webbified Outlook. I can see why they trail in revenue in this area. These enhancements can't arrive fast enough for me.  [The Shifted Librarian]

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