Library Patrons As Mobile, Dynamic Communities

Library Patrons As Mobile, Dynamic Communities.

Here's an interesting point made by Anthony Townsend and based on a quote from Howard Rheingold that illustrates our current culture of information shifting.

“There is some really interesting work being done. Howard Rheingold–who's known for his earlier work on virtual communities–referred to what's called 'swarming behavior.' This is the idea that mobile technologies are creating much more mobile, dynamic communities that more closely resemble swarms than the way we've done things before.

He doesn't do this, but if you extend it to what'll happen in cities, it means that you are going to need different kinds of spaces to accommodate people who are moving and communicating and using space differently. Waiting rooms become something of an anachronism because no one really waits anymore.” [Smart Mobs]

Same thing with libraries. Sometimes people are too busy or are otherwise preoccupied and can't come in to physically pick up their information. Your assignment is to figure out how to get it to them where they are, when they are.  [The Shifted Librarian]

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