Wow – while I was on vacation, I missed the release of myRadio.

“This Tool extends the Radio Userland aggregator from rss to any networked data (xml, html, soap, personalized services, etc), and any layout. It is exceedingly simple for developers to add functionality to the framework. The GUI (screenshot) is reminiscent of My Yahoo! and other server based personalization tools.

The goal of this project is to very quickly bring all the functionality of server based personalization to the client, then use the client based architecture to develop way beyond!”

That's one giant leap….

If you've installed this tool, can you please let me know how it's working for you? My mind is exploding with the idea of how to set up this type of digital dashboard for each member of our staff at SLS. Of course, masukomi is correct that we need authentication built into aggregators for the next logical steps in this process.

Imagine if database vendors RSS-ified their databases so that you could offer authenticated monitoring to your patrons. For example, what if my library subscribes to NewsIllinois (a database available to millions of Illinois residents, thanks to subsidized funding from the Illinois State Library) and I want to monitor it for items about libraries. If I could enter my library card number into my aggregator and the database sent out RSS notifications, summaries of new items could appear in my aggregator automatically. I could click on the link to view the full text because the link would already have the authentication embedded in it.

Just think what this type of functionality could provide for lawyers, doctors, journalists, and other specialists. All flowing through the library's resources!  [The Shifted Librarian]

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