Bug tracker

Bug tracker. I always appreciate it when developers put their bug lists and feature requests on the web. I like it even better when you can add bug reports and make feature requests.

I wanted to do the same thing—but I couldn’t find software I liked. They either didn’t run on LAMP systems, or (more commonly) were just way over-featured and hard to use. So, naturally, I wrote one that works the way I want it to work.


You can, of course, view bugs and report bugs.

It’s a funny thing—I haven’t done a web app in a couple months, but as I was doing it I could hear my inner Dave Winer questioning every decision. “Do you need that feature, or is it just a distraction? Think of the users: don’t put roadblocks in their way. Hack away at it until it’s simple.” (Thanks, Dave, it helped.) [inessential.com]

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