Faucet Facets: Best practices for multifaceted navigation

Faucet Facets: Best practices for multifaceted navigation. In “Faucet Facets”, Jeffrey Veen proposes that there are better alternatives to rigid hierarchies (i.e. those that don't support multiple parents or broad terms (i.e. polyhierarchy)). Faceted classification being all the rage with IAs these days, he proposes best practices for designing navigation based on a faceted approach. Veen offers a few examples of search interfaces that offer options based on categories for classifiying products. The Kohler faucet search is a decent one. Different aspects of faucets are presented as search facets. The pool of available faucets is narrowed down based on the selection of descriptors selected under each facet. Veen stresses the importance of allowing your users continual access to these facets in their search process in order to continue narrowing down their results without having to start their search over. [ia/ – news for information architects]

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