DevShed: Getting Started with PHP Fusebox

DevShed: Getting Started with PHP Fusebox. The Fusebox web methodology may change the way you approach architecting data-driven web applications. The latest version of Fusebox is the most scalable and effective incarnation of a “web box” – style architecting approach. Created by Steve Nelson, Fusebox has been further popularized by the arrival of a PHP port by David Huyck of Armed with Fusebox and a few simple tools, PHP developers can now architect scalable web applications across project teams, technical disciplines, and display mediums. — Mike Britton

Don't believe the statement you will find in the article that says 70% of all software projects fail, otherwise most IT companies would be out of business. In most such studies – failure is defined to include cost and time overruns. This is inevitable when the customer changes the scope of the project.

After some investigation, I found this Newbie Guide to Fusebox for PHP (PDF), which is much clearer than the above Devshed article.  [PHP Everywhere]

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