Usability On The Cheap

Usability On The Cheap. “You can't afford usability testing! …Or can you? Suneet puts usable design in the hands of the masses as she explains discount usability techniques.” [Usability News by] I'm hoping to get in some usability testing on the current SLS web site in order to start planning for the future one,… Continue reading Usability On The Cheap

Human Factors for Librarians

Human Factors for Librarians. “I love libraries and applaud every step they make into the digital age. But I wish they knew something about interface design and human-computer interaction…. The standard library catalog interface dates way back; I used to see it running on Vax/VMS systems. Everything about it is counter-intuitive, unforgiving, and obstructive. At… Continue reading Human Factors for Librarians

Codeless Googlebox

Codeless Googlebox. “Create a googlebox on your website without having to know a single bit of code.” [via …useless miscellany] Cool – so now any library could put one on its site! I suggest using related searches in webliographies and author searches in reader's advisory pages for starters. [The Shifted Librarian]

Macromedia Unveils MX Family

Macromedia Unveils MX Family. Release represents the first fruit of Macromedia's merger with Allaire. [Internet Product News]