PHP 4.2.0 is out

PHP 4.2.0 is out.

PHP 4.2.0 includes several improvements:

  • External variables (from the environment, the HTTP request, cookies or the web server) are no longer registered as global variables
  • Overhaul of the sockets extension
  • Highly improved performance with file uploads
  • The satellite and mailparse extensions were moved to PECL and are no longer bundled with the official PHP release
  • The posix extension has been cleaned up
  • iconv handling has been improved
  • Output buffering support, which was introduced in PHP 4.1.0 has been stabilized
  • Improved performance and stability of the domxml extension
  • New multibyte regular expression support
  • LOTS of fixes and new functions

PS: It seems that there will be a 4.2.1 release. So hold your downloads unless you are impatient! [PHP Everywhere]

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