Law Firms Need to Reassess Their Internet Presence

For Bruce as his firm starts thinking about what they want their online presence to look like and what they want it to accomplish: Law Firms Need to Reassess Their Internet Presence

” 'In the digital age, firms that want to stay on the cutting edge must continuously reassess whether their Internet presence allows their messages to be seen, noticed, and, most important, retained…'Pushing' news out to audiences through e-mail news alerts and electronic newsletters can be another effective element of a marketing package.'  []

I agree that most law firms are behind the curve with their websites as far as providing fresh content.  Denise Howell and I have talked about whether law firms will use blogs to help “push” fresh legal news out to their potential clients.  RSS feeds would be good, but the clients would have to be able to receive them, and we're definitely not there yet.   I really think that more effort should be focused on the Internet and less on things like mail-out newsletters.” [Ernie the Attorney]

What would be cool is a news aggregator that you could either pre-configure and give to clients/customers or a set of newsfeeds that could be added in by a simple click of a button. Maybe you have to pay for the product, but you give it to your clients for free. You blow their minds as you give them a gentle introduction to aggregated news (no need for them to understand the intracicies of RSS), and leap to the head of the pack in gaining access into their daily news routine. You could even brand the screen with your logo and include a link to contact you. It's an incredible marketing opportunity just waiting for the company that can make the software easy, the interface usable, and the documentation thorough.

picture of the XML coffee cupRadio already does an incredible job of achieving easy installation of both the software and RSS feeds it generates (the XML coffee cup is ingenious), but you wouldn't want to give your customers all of the extra functionality that would confuse them. Can Radio separate out the aggregator and license it to companies for such a purpose? Or is there a comparable product out there that is this easy? [The Shifted Librarian]

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