Ernie the Attorney

Ernie the Attorney blogs his thoughts on K-Logs.  He has an example from the legal world:

>>>But, an industrious paralegal named Connie goes to court everyday to file things, and she is always learning the newest filing requirements because she is there in court everyday and learns first hand all the lastest court gossip (i.e. they're getting picky about the font size requirement for pleadings).  Her blog puts that information out there.  And so when people are going to file something they check her blog first to make sure their pleading complies.  Or Connie keeps an updated list of court phone numbers on her blog site.  Then she adds the updated list of operating hours for the local courts.  A couple of months go by and the office manager decides to have someone comb through Connie's blog and “data-mine” the information that is in there that can be formally set out and put on the firm's intratnet site and to assign Connie the task of keeping it updated.<<< 

K-Logging allows her expertise to bubble to the surface.  Her knowledge isn't a static thing, it is something she is constantly improving as she makes trips to court.  Sharing her discoveries makes her a corporate resource.  Once it's known her posts on this topic are useful, she could easily categorize (using Radio) those posts related to filing requirements.  Categorization will automatically create a new weblog dedicated to that topic with its own URL.  That category specific K-Log could then be attached to the appropriate section of the Intranet.  To maintain it, she would merely need to click on that category every time she makes a post that relates to filing requirements.  Easy. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

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