McGee's graduate level KM course

McGee's graduate level KM course.

Quote: “I'm introducing a course on Knowledge Management at the Kellogg School in April. You can see the syllabus here, which is part of a Manila site I am using to manage most of the course development. One item that I thought would be of more general interest is my top 10 books to read to get up to speed on KM. “

Comment: It is interesting to see Jim's process laid out for others to see and respond to (using email, currently). I hope he keeps this one public, so those of us who are interested in this topic can learn from where he and his students take this one.

I wish/hope that Jim or his students will turn his list of books into an annotated one. That could be a nice course project: to annotate the list using links to each student 's reflections about the readings in their own K-logs … [Serious Instructional Technology]

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