Why not Compete with Microsoft? Cringly:.  C# will slaughter Java.  He/she/it (I am not sure who actually is writing these columns), makes the point that Sun, IBM, Apple, AOL, and others don't really want to compete with Microsoft.  True, a lack of vision and desire to win in the Java camp makes this outcome preordained.  They aren't serious.  They leave it up to independent developers in small relatively underfunded companies to do the job.

This doesn't work.   These small independents need the support of the Big Co's in order to build widely adopted alternatives to Microsoft's products on the desktop.  They also need the support of visionary VCs.

Where is the support from the Big Co's who have the distribution to really make a difference?  AWOL.  Where are big dollars from VCs that want to change the world and make lots of money in the process?  AWOL too.  Both groups are so scared of Microsoft they can't move.

I am really starting to think that Silicon Valley has a death wish.  In ten years, there isn't going to be any room for new software innovation from the Valley unless things are done now to challenge the power of Microsoft on the desktop.   Microsoft will own it all.  We are doing our best as independent developers, but that isn't enough.  Help us bring competition to the desktop.  Compete! [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

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